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Edmonton Loans

Loan companies are quickly adapting to a large number of people that need financial help. In Edmonton, loans have become relatively easier to get. There are several different types of loans that are made available to residents of Edmonton.

Edmonton Loans

Edmonton is mainly known for its historical hockey culture which is predominant. Additionally, the oil and gas section of the economy attracts individuals to want to settle in Edmonton.

As the capital of Alberta, Edmonton has the 2nd largest population in the province and its history runs deep to the 1700s.

The expansion of the oil and gas industry has brought a lot of buildings and developments into the city. Many people are now investing in the area. The city continues to grow with the oil boom.

Edmonton boasts of having one of the largest retail sectors, with close to 800 stores under one roof to serve the needs of its citizens. It has the largest mall in North America: The West Edmonton Mall, and has a lot to offer to those who live in it. There are museums, parks and so much more. The more the city is developing, the more the number of lending companies.

Loan Myths

Generally, there are myths surrounding the topic of loans not only in Edmonton but in other places as well. Some of these myths will be mentioned below.

• Paying off a loan quickly is the best way of handling loans.

While this statement can have some level of truth, it may not always be the safest. It will depend on your current financial situation, your current income and the loan size that you have to pay off. The more you are able to handle the payments, the sooner you can finish paying for the loan.

• All lenders are reputable institutions and their only goal is to serve clients.

Not all lenders are out there to serve your needs. Some may be established for their own personal gains. As a borrower, you would have to be wary of such institutions so you do not become prey to any of their schemes.

There are legitimate lending databases that you can research on to ensure you are dealing with the right company before making any commitments.

• Payday loans are one of the safest options for anyone looking for a quick or small loan

It’s undeniable that payday loans have become commonplace in today’s finance. It has been presented as the only sensible way to tide your finances over when you are short of funds.

Nevertheless, payday loans are not what they appear to be. Studies have shown that About 80% of all payday loans are rolled over and within 14 days, the borrower takes another loan. This situation has the potential of keeping you in a cycle of debt as the interest continues to accumulate.

Thus payday loans are made for everyone but not everyone is made for payday loans. Some provinces in Canada, including Edmonton, tend to outlaw payday loans so that people are not caught in vicious debt and exploited by the payday lending agencies.

• Lenders only check credit score before you are approved

Most lenders nowadays do not solely rely on credit score to approve loans especially if the good credit score is non – existent. Lenders in Edmonton are shifting from the traditional methods of approving people for loans.

Now, if you can prove that you have a good source of income, your financial history is good and can pay back the loan, your loan request will be granted.

• When you take out a loan to cover your daily expenses you are financially irresponsible

This is not necessarily true because taking a loan does not spell out irresponsibility. This is because we all run into financial difficulty sometimes. All other avenues of getting help can also not yield many results as expected. The best option is to go in for a loan to fix the financial need and pay back accordingly.
Becoming a reputable borrower in Edmonton

This is about arming yourself properly as a citizen in Edmonton. It includes ensuring that your identity is not stolen and you’re also not scammed. Being a conscientious consumer will help you to be trusted by lenders and qualifying for loans when you need them.

1. The first thing will be to keep a good eye on your credit report.

This is a good practice if you are to become a reputable borrower in Edmonton. Since all your financial information are found in your credit report, it is imperative that you engage in habits that will ensure that your credit report is healthy.

Such as not taking on too much debt than you can handle and ensuring prompt payments of what you owe as this will show in the previous and current debts.

2. Have good management of credit, debts, and loans

This aspect of becoming a reputable borrower depends highly on paying your bills on time, especially on credit cards and other loan payments.  You should only borrow what you would be able to pay back.

It is advisable to contact your lender if you have any difficulty with the bills because it goes a long way to affect your credit score.

3. Maintain a healthy score

Keeping a good credit score will allow you to be a low-risk borrower to lenders. This is because your credit report will show the history of all the prompt payments that you have made to financial products that you have subscribed to in the past. Applying for loans will be easier this way and you will get the best interest rates.

Edmonton Loans Infographic

Types of Edmonton loans

In Edmonton, loans exist in different types. It depends on the individuals need and which loan will best fit their purpose.

1. Personal Edmonton loans

Personal loans are loans that are taken to be used for anything the individual wishes or needs to use it for. In Edmonton, personal loans are common.
As a metropolitan center filled with a lot of growing families, personal loans are needed to cater for differing family needs. A personal loan is the best loan option to opt for when you want to go for a vacation or when you need to renovate your house.

Before going in for a personal loan, a borrower has to consider the interest rate, payment, and the conditions offered. Once you can pay back what you borrowed, it is easy to secure other personal loans when you need them.

Finding the right lenders for personal loans is not a difficult process in Edmonton.

2. Online Edmonton loans

Edmonton remains the major economic center for both northern and central Alberta. The prosperity of the metropolis has attracted a lot of individuals. In the bid to meet the needs of this fast-paced city, there was the need to create online loans. Online loans in Edmonton are available for businesses, commercial purposes, equipment’s, car loans etc.

The presence of the internet has made online loans easier to get. Even if it’s not for the purposes of a business but a vacation. Online loans in Edmonton can be very useful to those who apply for them.

Once your credit score is good and you can prove that you have a verifiable source of income, you can get online loans in Edmonton.

Lenders have designed their systems in such a way that all the information needed from you is available in one place.

You can know if you qualify for the loans you are applying for. It enables you to compare the options available to know where to apply to. Online loans offer money with less risk.

3. Payday loans Edmonton

Payday loans in Edmonton have high-interest rates and serve as a method of getting cash on a short-term basis. Payday loans in Edmonton are very popular regardless of your financial situation.

They are loans usually paid off at your next paycheck. Payday loans in Edmonton have high-interest rates though if the loan is not paid off quickly.
With the financial market in Edmonton increasingly expanding, so are the options that are available to its citizens to get payday loans.

There are lists of lenders who can give fast access to the loan you want after you have agreed to their terms and conditions. Once you meet the minimum requirements, you have access to your payday loan.

It is the case that sometimes borrowers become afraid of the risk associated with payday loans. In that case, in Edmonton loans of other types are available.

4. Mortgages Edmonton

Edmonton as the capital city of Alberta happens to be a prime location that many people want to live in. Its culture and lifestyle appeal to many Canadians. Buying a house in Edmonton is becoming a desirable option for many.

There are several types of mortgages that you can subscribe to when you want a mortgage in Edmonton. These include fixed-rate mortgages where the interest rate to be paid back on the mortgage does not change. Residential mortgages and variable rate mortgages are other types of mortgages that you can subscribe to.

You can choose the one that best suits what you can afford. Lenders sometimes consider more than credit scores when going through a mortgage application.
Once you find the mortgage you are looking for you can contact the lender and make the necessary arrangements with them.

5. Installment loans in Edmonton

Edmonton has different kinds of residents, living there from different walks of life. There exist installment loans as a type of diverse loans that are found in Edmonton.

Installment loans in Edmonton can cover education, debt consolidation, travel and leisure, medical expenses, home renovations.

A lot of lenders are ready to give you the installment loans you are looking for. They pride themselves in being able to provide installment loans for those in need of it. Some lenders even have lists of providers on their websites showcasing the installment loans in Edmonton that are available to individuals.

Either you apply yourself or a company can apply on your behalf after you have given them your loan specifications.

6. Business loans in Edmonton

If you want to take the next step in your business, then a business loan is just what you need. Business loans available in Edmonton allow those who want to expand their businesses to do so.

Such loans require both your personal and business credit history and credit score as this will determine the payment terms and interest rates. Once you compare the rates and you are comfortable with it, you can be offered the loan that you need.

You can get a list of institutions that provide business loans online. This allows you to know where you can get your loan from.

In other cases, there are intermediary companies that connect you to lenders who can provide loans in Edmonton.

Requirements for Edmonton loans
– Minimum age of 19 years

– Hold permanent citizenship or resident in Canada

– Active checking account

– Be employed for 2 months

– Have a reachable contact number that you can be called on

If I declare Bankruptcy in Edmonton will I ever be able to borrow again?

Borrowers sometimes pond over this question a lot but the answer is: it’s not true that if you file for bankruptcy in Edmonton you will not be able to borrow again.

The only thing that happens is that if you are borrowing whilst in bankruptcy, you cannot borrow more than $500 without telling the lender that you are bankrupt.

When you are discharged from bankruptcy, this requirement does not apply to you any longer.

The fact is, your credit history is affected when you file for bankruptcy but bankruptcy in itself helps to eliminate the debt that you find yourself in. Filing for bankruptcy reduces how risky you are as a borrower.

You can borrow again in Edmonton if you can display to the bank that you are risk-free and that you have learned from experience.

Getting no credit check loans in Edmonton

It is possible to get no credit check loans as a type of Edmonton loans that are available. In Edmonton, people sometimes have unsuitable credit scores. A credit score is a figure that lenders use to evaluate whether they can give you a loan or not.

In Canada, the credit score ranges from 300 – 900. Anything below 620 is considered low credit and may not allow you to get the loan you need. A hard credit inquiry can affect your credit score negatively.

That is why no credit check loans are becoming more common. To get loans with no credit check, the main consideration is your income level and not your past credit history.

Once you demonstrate your ability to pay back the loan your approval is immediate.

So far as you submit all the documents that are required and demonstrate the ability to repay, you can get no credit check loans in Edmonton.
You can either get your funds deposited directly into your account on the same day or within 24 hours.

Edmonton loans are available for people with bad credit

Taking out loans for expensive purchases such as a home, buying a car etc, can cause a bad credit situation if not managed properly. Once you have bad credit, lenders may become skittish in lending to you. However, in Edmonton, there are some places that will give you loans in spite of your bad credit.

Edmonton is home to about 1 million people and the size of the city can make it a bit cumbersome looking for the right lender. There are several ways to get bad credit loans in Edmonton.

It may take you a while to find the right lender who will give the right terms and conditions that are affordable to you.

In doing this, you can contact non-profit credit counseling agencies to book appointments with them. Their appointments are kept confidential, are without any cost and can be done either over the phone or in person.

These credit counselors can give you healthy information on bad credit loans, getting out of debt or getting rid of debt.

Ways to getting Edmonton loans with bad credit

• Debt Consolidators

If you’ve raked up bad credit unintentionally and you are unable to manage it also, its time to speak to debt consolidators. In Edmonton, there are debt consolidators available who you can speak to.

They will help by putting all of your debt into one. This will lower your monthly payments and reduce the number of debts you have to manage.

If after the search you are not satisfied, you can also check the Credit Counselling Society website. It will give you additional information on the lenders available. When you make committed monthly payments towards the old debt that you have, your credit score will improve.

• Banks

Initially, the thought of going to the bank to get a loan can scare people with bad credit. This is because they are aware that banks outrightly refuse those who do not have good credit to their name.

However, there are some banks in Edmonton who will be willing to give to borrowers with bad credit.

The way out is to look for Canadian banks who make exceptions for those with bad credit. Once you meet their criteria you can be offered the loan you need even with bad credit.

Edmonton Loans

• Websites

With the dawn of the internet and technology, the website is becoming the increasingly popular means of getting loans in Edmonton.

With websites like Kijiji, you can get wider opportunities for lenders who want to offer loans to people with bad credit. The list of loans you can get is placed on the site with the necessary information.

If you are interested, you then click on what you are looking for and proceed accordingly.

The only thing to look out for is whether you are sending your information to a legitimate lender before taking any further steps.

How To Get Edmonton Loans With Bad Credit Continued

• Other Lenders

There are other sites that offer lenders with bad credit scores the opportunity for loans. CitiFinancial, for example, serves as one of the leading community-based lenders.

By visiting their sites you can get access to the loans they have to offer for those with bad credit. There are different requirements for each lender.

Once you find the loan that best suits you these lenders will be able to assist in getting the loan that you need. If you’re clear on the financial goals you have in mind and you know exactly what you want, finding a lender becomes easy.

• The line of Credit Companies

Another way of getting Edmonton loans with bad credit is through a line of credit companies. With a line of credit loans given by a line of credit companies, they are short-term loans that are used to cover emergencies.

It’s a flexible and convenient way to borrow because it allows you to borrow and pay the interest only the amount you used.

If you do not use the credit, you have nothing to pay. Also, you can use the credit you have without re-applying.

Working with a line of credit companies for bad credit loans in Edmonton is possible. You would just have to find the lender that is willing to risk giving you a loan despite the credit situation.

• Payday Lenders

Payday loans are available for people with bad credit in Edmonton when other lenders cannot offer them loans.

They are usually short-term loans ranging between $100 and $1000 dollars. Its usually required that you pay back within 30 days. Such payday loans are only used in times of emergency when you need income to solve a pressing need.

Once you get your next paycheck you are required to return the funds borrowed.

Bad credit should not hold you back when searching for loans because there are lending institutions willing to give to you. Once you choose which avenue best suits you, it should be possible to get Edmonton loans.


There are several ways of getting Edmonton loans even if you have bad credit.

Once you meet the necessary requirements and you debunk any myths that are associated with loans, you can become a reputable borrower.

However, some major things to remember is to keep an eye on your credit report, manage your debts well and maintain a healthy score.

Disclaimer: All loans offered through this website are subject to credit and underwriting approval. is a lead referral company, not a lender. AfterLoans only works with financial service providers that adhere to Canadian laws and regulations. You can borrow up to $20000. Loans amortization is between 6-36 months. APRs range from 19.99% to 55%. The actual APR charged will depend on the lender’s assessment of your credit profile. For example, on a $1000 loan borrowed for 12 months at 29.9%, the monthly payment will be $97.24; with a total repayment, including interest, of $1166.88 There is also lender’s optional loan protection policy. In the event of a missed payment an insufficient funds fee of around 45$ may be charged (dependent on the lender). If you default on your loan payment plan the lender may terminate the plan and the remaining balance will become payable immediately. Our lenders employ fair debt collection practices, but will pursue the payment of Outstanding debts to the full extent that Canadian law allows.