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It’s often said that “money makes the world go round”. While this phenomenon has some level of truth, it’s quite unbearable when you do not have enough money to pay for your expenses. You are faced with the harsh reality of no funds and you either have to rely on family, friends or lending institutions for the extra funds. It is worse if you have poor credit. Due to this, no credit check personal loans serve as a blessing in disguise to those who get them.  

Usually, most lenders in Canada use credit scores to know who qualifies for a personal loan. Those who score high in credit are likely to have access to loans as compared to those low scores.

A credit history is a summary of how an individual has handled his or her debts in the past. If you have never accessed a credit facility, you will not have a credit history. This may be a problem when you want to borrow because the lenders will not have any idea of your credit behaviour whether you will be able to pay back the loan or not. 

Personal loans are loans that are borrowed by individuals to cater for their expenses. The amount requested for is given in a lump sum. Personal loans are given to people who have a regular source of income and you’re not restricted on what to do with the money.

No Credit Check Personal Loans

Personal loans also have fixed interest rates and a fixed time when you’re supposed to repay: usually between 24 to 60 months.  This differs from revolving credits where you do not have an end period of full payment.

Personal loans by nature sometimes do not require a collateral.

The main factor considered in giving the funds requested out is the individual’s ability to pay back the loan in regularly. At AfterLoans, there is the possibility of getting no credit check personal loans.

The number of loans granted can range from as low as $600 to $100,000.

Personal loans are used for different purposes. They include:

• Urgent out-of-town trip

• Hospital bill

• If you want to fund special purchases you’ve made

• Car breakdowns

• Unexpected or unplanned events such as when your plumbing springs a leak.

• To consolidate debt on some high-interest rate credit cards.

What are no credit check personal loans?

Lenders have understood that there are various reasons why people have fallen into hardships that is why they give out no credit check personal loans. No credit check personal loans are loans that are given to an individual without any prior checks on the person’s credit status. 

There are no credit check personal loans available to those who need them. Lenders will have a look at the information provided at the time of application. Sometimes it’s a job loss, identity theft, a new job that may mean you get paid later. When such situations happen, there is a need for a personal loan to tide you over until things become more stable. Personal loans can be used for anything that the individual wants.

Lenders will check if you have a verified source of income so as to know how the repayment will be made. After all these are checked, they will then determine when the loan will be approved for you. 

How to get a no credit check personal loan

1. Fill out an application form

Now, there are several lending agencies that are allowing its applicants to fill forms online. With the internet and a device, anybody who qualifies for no credit check personal loan can get it easily without visiting a bank.

2. Wait for approval

Lenders are now quick to accept loan applications. It does not take forever to get a response on the loan applied for. The main factor that will determine how quickly the loan will be granted is the information that is provided.

Since there are no credit check personal loans nowadays, some lenders boast of a same-day approval because the process doesn’t require a lot of time-consuming checks.

3. Check your account

When your loan is approved, it will go directly into the account you provided. The provision of an account is important mainly because it’s through the account that the lender will expect repayment of the loan.

Personal loans: Banks vs credit unions

Banks and credit unions prove as the common source of personal loans but they have their similarities and differences though. Banks and credit unions are both regulated and publicly have the qualifications to offer loan services.

Credit unions are not-for-profit and banks are for-profit ventured. Banks prove as a more popular source of borrowing because they have access to larger pools of capital.

Credit unions, on the other hand, are now growing in popularity. Credit unions are in competition with banks as they offer lower fees and a better quality of service.

They have also reduced the restrictions on membership and thus are accommodating more people from diverse backgrounds. Thus making them a go-to alternative when the larger lending institutions refuse people loans.

Where to get no credit check personal loans

The sources of getting no credit check personal loans differ. Some of the places are discussed in this section.

• Credit Unions

A credit union is a self-help group that has its main focus of providing financial help to its members. It’s an alternative to the larger banking system. It aims at giving its members credit facilities at good rates.

Credit unions are like small community banks where you can get no credit check personal loans. They will usually look beyond you not having credit to give you a loan.

Credit unions boast of interest rates of about 18% as compared to banks that are at an estimated 36%. A lot of credit unions are looking for borrowers and thus if you match their terms and conditions you can get the loan that you need.

There are loans for those in the armed forces, teachers, government workers and all kinds of people once you are a member.

• Borrowing from family and friends

You can get no credit check personal loans from friends and family. Its one of the easiest and most flexible means of getting credit. With these loans, it’s likely that the interest rate is reduced completely than if you had gone to a lending institution.

Usually, there are no credit checks conducted because of trust. The already existing and established relationship with family and friends gives them the confidence to grant you the loan. Noteworthy though is the fact that you would have to keep strictly to the repayment schedule.

This is because a default in payment can cause a strain in family ties.

Its advised that a form of contract is created stating the terms which govern the loan. This documentation will prevent external factors from affecting the relationship because everything concerning the loan will be clearly written down.

Loans borrowed from families and friends should be treated as if it was gotten from a complete stranger. This way relationships will be safeguarded.

• Peer-to-peer lending

You can get no credit check personal loan from peer-to-peer lending sites which mainly operate online. It allows individuals to post the amount they need and then people or “investors” contribute toward the loan. The main thing that is needed is why you are applying for the loan.

You do not need a credit check done on you before the loan is given. Also, there is no relationship with the people that grant you the loan so your identity is kept.

Peer-to-peer lending is an alternative to borrowing from institutions. When you post a loan, investors review the loan and decide which borrower to fund. The lending rates are lenient than the ones offered by others. If someone lists his or her loan on the site, either one person or different people can pay for the person to get the loan.

Your consistency in paying back the loan is what is considered. 

• Online Personal loans

The increase in the use of technology has given rise to online personal loans. Online personal loans are loans that are taken to cater for a need in the shortest possible time. 

Their appeal to borrowers is that they work fast. You can have your funds in your account in a few business days or hours sometimes with no credit check.

There are no application fees for some of these online lenders because the documentation is simple and the forms are easy to fill out.

The most important things considered is your employment history and whether you have a source of income and a bank account for the transaction to be made through. You can pay back the loan within a period of between two to five years.

If you’re able to pay off your loans on time, you easily get another loan when you need it. One thing to note about online personal loans is that your debt to income ratio has to be good in order to get large amounts.

The debt to income ratio is the amount that you get when you deduct your gross income from your repayments for the month. When your ratio is low, you can access more funds as compared to when its high.

• Specialized lenders

This type of lending is available for situations like when you need to go for an infertility treatment and other medical procedures. You can come to a decision on which provider to choose after shopping through the options available. This type of personal loan may come without credit checks.

Types of personal loans

Personal loans come in two main forms, secured and unsecured. There are benefits and positive sides to any that is selected. The main consideration before you select any is whether you have a valuable collateral or you are willing to lose an asset if you default on payment.

• Secured personal loans

A secured loan is a loan that you borrow using an asset. This is because the asset it what helps you secure the loan. Assets can include your home, car, property, savings or even stocks or your boat

You must consider what you would use as the collateral and also ensure that you will be able to make the monthly payments in full. The lender will use the asset as a collateral in case there is a default on the loan.

The approved amount to be given to the borrower depends on how easily you can repay the loan. With secured personal loans, you can get a better interest rate as your risk is low.

Interest rates on secured no credit check personal loans are low. The amount to be repaid comprises a part going to the interest on the loan and the other part goes towards the paying off the debt.

When there is a default, the lender then takes the asset used as collateral and sells it to regain all or some of the amount of the loan. In some cases, if you do not even have a job but you have a good collateral to get the loan, it will be given to you.

Types of secured personal loans

Secured loans come in different types. They include:

– Mortgage

– Auto Loan

– Home equity line of credit


Mortgages are loans that are gotten with the use of a property. Usually, the loan is usually used to buy a home. The mortgage is then paid off by making payments on the interest and the principal amount till the loan is paid off with the timeframe determined in the agreement.

Mortgages require collateral and for example, individuals can use their homes. Companies may choose to use their commercial property as collaterals.
You can get a mortgage by going to the bank or credit union.

The rate at which you have to repay maybe be fixed or adjustable. Fixed-rate mortgages have a locked in interest rate, it doesn’t change throughout the life of the loan.

Adjustable rate mortgages, on the other hand, can have periodic adjustments to the interest that you have to pay on the loan. Should the borrower default in payment or unable to pay, the property used for the mortgage will be sold to defray the debt.

Auto Loan

No Credit Check Personal Loans

Auto loans are loans gotten mainly to purchase a car. They are loans that require collateral before being given out. The car you intend to purchase is the collateral. If there’s a default, the lender may be able to seize the car.

The lender has a greater portion of ownership of the car until the final payment is made.

The interest rate the borrower pays on such loans is fixed and lower than the other types.

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

This is where your home is used as a security to borrow money at relatively lower interest rates. To access home equity lines of credit the amount you owe on your home should not be more than the value of your home.

Your employment history, credit score, monthly income and monthly debts are considered before the loan is granted.

With HELOC there is a period where you are allowed to draw money. When that period ends, the repayment begins. You can draw for a period of up to 10 years in some cases. But you get monthly bills having minimum payments you are to make.

The payments can vary or be fixed, this will depend on the terms of the agreement. The more principal payments you make, the more you reduce the HELOC debt.

• Unsecured personal loans

Most no credit check personal loans come with ease of being unsecured. It does not require any asset before you get access to the funds you need. In some cases, there are no credit checks done on the individuals before the loan is granted.

One thing to note, though is that because these loans are unsecured, they come with higher risk and thus higher interest charges.

Unsecured loans are less risky to the borrower because if you fail to repay the consequence is not too immediate. Your ability to pay back the loan will improve your credit score.

With unsecured personal loans, you don’t lose any asset because you apply for the loan without it.

Types of unsecured personal loans

– Signature loans

– Credit card loans

– Student loans

Signature loans

Signature loans are loans that are secured by a signature or promise to pay. Signature loans can be gotten from banks and credit unions. There is no limit on what you can use the funds for.

Once you borrow, you pay fixed monthly installments until the loans are paid off. When you finish paying off the loan, the account is described as closed. If you want more funds, you will have to apply for a new loan.

The interests rates can be higher than the other types of loans due to lack of collateral. In some cases, if the one borrowing cannot afford the loan, a co-signer can be brought on to sign a promissory note.

Signature loans can be used for home improvements, vacations, medical bills, unexpected expenses and other huge expenditures. In other cases, it can be used to consolidate debt. If the rate on the signature loan is lower than what is on the credit card, the signature loan can be used to pay off the credit card debt.

Credit Cards

When borrowing with credit cards, you do not get a lump sum as the loan but rather you use the card to borrow the amount that you need. As you keep borrowing, you pay back what you have used and then you qualify for more credit. The downside is you pay high-interest rates for using the card. Sometimes, you may get a teaser rate of borrowing at 0% but such promotions do not last.

Student loans

Lastly, there are student loans which are also a form of unsecured personal loan. Student loans have flexible terms of payments, interest subsidies and grace period. It’s a good example of no credit check personal loans because no credit checks are done on you before the loan is granted. Lenders who give student loans reckon that there is a possibility that the student has not subscribed to any credit products as yet hence the credit checks are not too strict.

You don’t need to have a credit to access such loans. The only qualification is to be a student. It’s easy to get a student loan by visiting the financial aid office. There would be mostly no hard checks before the loan is given to you.

Advantages of no credit check personal loans

• There’s no limit to what you can use the funds for.

It mainly depends on the need for which the money was taken. There are no hard and fast rules as to how the money should be used. Borrowers are at liberty to use it on what they choose.

• You can get the money faster.

Because there are no credit checks on some personal loans, it takes a shorter time to get the money. Especially if you’re going in for a student loan for instance or an online personal loan. It is relatively faster to get the funds that you need since the credit checks are not too stringent.

• You don’t need a bank

When the funds are taken from online, from a credit union or family and friends, you do not deal with a financial institution. You avoid all the long winding queues and processes with banks where you may not even qualify for the loan.

• Fixed rate interest, a fixed length of repayment and fixed monthly payments.

No credit check personal loans have a fixed rate of repayments. It’s only when you take mortgages and sometimes Home equity line of credit that you have variable interest rate payments.

Challenges in acquiring no credit check personal loans

• Scam artists are on the rise for those with limited financial knowledge and who are easily trusting. You can be promised on getting a good deal on a personal loan which may not exist. You have to beware of offers that are too good to be true.

• There can be some risk for lenders as borrowers will default on loan payments. This is what sometimes makes the lending industry a bit challenging. Even with this, lenders are also increasing their dexterity and measures to meet this situation.


In order to get no credit check personal loans, you may sometimes pay a high Annual Percentage Rate when you do not have a collateral. In some cases, lenders bail out clients by extending the time to repay the loan.

Prompt and regular repayments that are made towards no credit check personal loans go a long way to increase the credit score of the applicant. There is no limit on what you can use the personal loan for.

Personal loans are useful if you understand how it works and you are able to pay back the loans on time. As a borrower, you should be able to anticipate the interest and the possible difficulties before going in for personal loans.

Disclaimer: All loans offered through this website are subject to credit and underwriting approval. is a lead referral company, not a lender. AfterLoans only works with financial service providers that adhere to Canadian laws and regulations. You can borrow up to $20000. Loans amortization is between 6-36 months. APRs range from 19.99% to 55%. The actual APR charged will depend on the lender’s assessment of your credit profile. For example, on a $1000 loan borrowed for 12 months at 29.9%, the monthly payment will be $97.24; with a total repayment, including interest, of $1166.88 There is also lender’s optional loan protection policy. In the event of a missed payment an insufficient funds fee of around 45$ may be charged (dependent on the lender). If you default on your loan payment plan the lender may terminate the plan and the remaining balance will become payable immediately. Our lenders employ fair debt collection practices, but will pursue the payment of Outstanding debts to the full extent that Canadian law allows.