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No Credit Check Personal Loans Guaranteed

Most lenders do a check on their clients to make sure they are lending to people who will pay back the loan. However, the promise of no credit checks personal loans guaranteed is advertised all the time. 

If you have a credit score which is as low as 630 points it means the traditional banks and financial institutions will most likely reject your application. One thing borrowers must be careful of is a promise by lenders of no credit check personal loans guaranteed because no loan is 100% guaranteed until the application has been looked at.

Is any loans approval guaranteed? 


As a borrower, you are placed in a very tight spot if you have a bad credit history when it comes to getting credit. 

For traditional banks and financial institutions to even consider giving you a loan, your credit score must be above 630 points to catch their attention. 

So the best option will be to work on building your credit score to go above 630 points instead of trying your luck with different financial institutions who will turn you down.

This action of shopping around will further mare your already bad credit history. Often borrowers who know they will not get credit with the traditional banks and non-bank financial institutions end up with alternative lenders.  

Some of these lenders give credit without checking how good or bad your credit is. This will seem like a good thing for most borrowers who know they have a bad credit history, but in actual fact, it is better for the lender.

Lenders who give loans without checking credit history give these loans at very high interest rates. Hence their relaxed attitude toward credit checks. A warning to borrowers is that if you get offers or see advertisements of loans which states no credit check loans guaranteed, the possibility of a lender wanting to take advantage of you is high. Avoid it.

Because there is no such thing as ‘guaranteed approved loan’ especially when there is no credit check on the persons’ credit history. The most likely motive of the lender is to keep you borrowing from them so they make more money off you while dragging you into a cycle of borrowing all the time.

Is there anything like guaranteed approval?

The simple and direct answer to this question is NO!  If we agree to this theory it will mean to say it doesn’t matter whether you have a bad or good credit history you will definitely get a lender to give you the loan so far as you apply.

This is not the case because no loan is automatically guaranteed for approval unless the application meets the requirements of the lender. Bear in mind that no matter how the lender says they don’t care they always have a standard they operate by. Even if the standards are very low they still do have standards they run their business on. 

An example is payday loans where you don’t need much to get a loan from payday lenders. So far as you have a bank account and give them a postdated cheque against the loan to be given, you are good to go.

But even with lenders of payday loans, you will have to at least have a bank account. So not having one automatically means you don’t qualify for any loan considering payday lenders have the lowest standard. 

Note to all borrowers, there is nothing like a guaranteed approval, but there is definitely fast approval.

No promise for guaranteed approval of loans is genuine

To get clients to click on their advertisements and visit their sites, lenders use very catchy phrases to entice clients to walk into their offices or sign on to their services. The lenders are very much aware of their client base or target. Their targets are clients whose credit history are bad and yet need credit. So using the no credit check personal loans guaranteed bait is to get such clients to sign on with them.

Another thing is that most people are ‘illiterates’ when it comes to their finance: they have no idea how to manage their finances or credit. And usually, are very desperate and eager for loans so will not check all the fine details on a creditors website. 

If borrowers or clients will take time to read all the fine prints on the websites of these lenders, they will realize the big flashy headings for the adverts are just a way to get them to click on the ads and nothing more. 

There is no intention to keep any of the promises made, the main aim is to get you the loan with high-interest rates and harass you when you are not able to pay back.

Lenders who give loans to clients not caring whether they can make payments or not have a plan to have most of their clients tied to them. Not being able to pay off your loan means you will keep borrowing to pay off the loans and borrow again.  

Automatically forcing clients to fall into a cycle of borrowing over and over again. This routine is very beneficial to the lender, however, it is a bad habit for the client who would not be able to come out off until he or she gets a bailout.

Being able to pay back loans is a very important factor for some lenders but not all

Lenders of payday loans are known for promising guaranteed approval loans because they offer short-term loans. And most of these short-term loans are no credit check personal loans with guaranteed approval which has requirements of a postdated cheques so the lender can cash the cheque at the end of the month or as agreed.

What the payday lenders make borrowers believe is that with the way it’s fast to process the loans, it is the same way it is to pay back.  Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Payday loans are difficult to pay back because of the interest rate on the loans as well as the short time one has to pay back the loans.
All lenders who are out there ready to take advantage of borrowers are like predators ready to pounce on their prey.

A borrowers inability to pay back the loans given is one of the ways lenders make money off desperate borrowers. These no credit check personal loans guaranteed goading lenders are smart people who have done their research and know exactly what they are doing. The plan of these lenders is to drag you into a cycle where you will keep borrowing from them over and over again.

Borrowing from lenders who promise no credit check personal loans guaranteed is that, they are so convincing you can be easily swayed.  As soon as you are trapped in their net, getting out becomes extremely difficult and you will end up paying more in interest every time you take a new loan.

There is no winning for a borrower who is stuck in this cycle. Unfortunately having a bad credit history attracts you to such lenders. Also, borrowers with bad credit know they don’t have many options so although they are aware of the dangers involved in taking a loan with these lenders, they still go ahead with it.

Does credit check really matter?

Needing money fast means you will rather go to a lender who promises no credit check personal loans guaranteed approval. This is because you need money very fast and such lenders seem like the best option. But you must be extremely careful with such loans. 

One thing you must know is that every check conducted on you by a bank or financial institution or any lender through a credit bureau affects your credit rating. The more checks are conducted, the more your score points reduces. It will, therefore, be unwise for you to go from lender to lender looking for a loan.

Sounds unfair but for any responsible bank or financial institution to be sure of your credit history, they must check. A hard credit check is what it is called when a lender does a thorough search on you through a credit bureau to determine if lending to you is risk-free or too risky.

Several credit checks on a borrower in a short time can mean only two things :

  • The money you keep borrowing is not being managed well
  • You get loans from different lenders without paying

This is definitely telling a bad story to the credit bureaus, therefore your credit scores get affected negatively.

A much better alternative to no credit check loans

If borrowers can avoid ‘shopping’ around for loans it will be better for them since shopping around messes up your credit scores. There are lenders who do not do a hard credit check on you but rather a soft credit check. Look for these lenders since their soft credit checks don’t have an impact on your credit scores.


Checking reviews of lenders online is also another way to find out if a lender does a hard or soft credit check on individuals. Also, find out if those who have used their services are content with it. You can also use your good judgment to make a decision on the lender, making sure your choice will be a lender who will help you with your credit.

Borrowers must be aware of the fact that sometimes collection agencies make mistakes of giving innocent peoples names to the credit bureaus.
Since it is a human institution these mistakes are bound to happen. As a borrower, you have to be aware of your credit or financial status, so as to be alert just in case a collection company calls you mistakenly.

The first thing to do as a borrower is to disregard such calls and check with your lenders. This is because sometimes when a debt takes a long time and is not collected it is regarded as a bad debt. Accepting the debt from the call will have your debt reactivated and this will have you starting to pay a debt that has been ‘forgiven’.

Requesting for the debt to be proven within a period of thirty days by the collection agency is the wise thing to do so as to understand the statue of your loan which could also possibly be a blunder. 

Any insistence by the collection agency even though you don’t have any debt with the lender can cause a lot of stress for you. To avoid further argument, you should report the issue with the federal trade commission who are mandated to handle such issues.

Promised no credit check personal loans guaranteed; how to get them

There are several ways to look for loans with no credit check personal loans guaranteed approval tags. Just like when you want to go shopping for groceries or shopping for home appliances having a list to shop with is helpful. To keep your mind on the purpose of going shopping or you keep a list to keep you focused on the purpose of shopping.

Sometimes just entering a shop without a list can be very ‘disastrous’ because you will end up with so many things which you actually don’t need or can do without. So just like going grocery shopping with a list when looking for no credit check loans, a borrower must also have a list to search for lenders of no credit check loans.

Examples of the list are; if you have collateral you can give to the lender, how much will be comfortable enough for you to pay as loan repayment, the duration of the loan, or getting someone with a good credit who will co-sign for you etc. 

Loans are even more important to a borrower’s financial stability than grocery shopping so a lot of thought must go into looking for a suitable one even if it is a no credit check personal loans guaranteed approval advertised loan.

The worst that can happen if you leave your grocery list is that the family will have to go without some few necessities. But not picking a loan with the necessary information will get you into a lot of financial problems even bankruptcy is possible.

Avoid no credit loans and opt for soft credit check loans

The simple fact is that applying for a no credit check loan simply means you are running towards predators lenders. Most predators lenders find no credit check loans a more favorable market to do business. So applying for it will just be putting yourself at risk. Borrowers who have bad credit are the targets for these lenders who prey on their need for loans.

With bad credit getting access to loan is very difficult and sometimes almost impossible. At this stage being offered a loan in any condition will seem like heaven sent. Sometimes apart from bad credit, having low income is also the reason why borrowers with bad credit cant get loans with the traditional banks or other financial institutions.

So they end up with these lenders and get stuck in the cycle of borrowing all the time. A no credit check lender is typically not interested in whether you are able to pay or not because at the end of the day delayed payments mean additional charges. 

Fortunately, there are other lenders who conduct soft credit checks on their clients, these lenders do care if the borrower is able to pay back the loan.

Soft credit check lenders do check on your credit history, however, with this kind of check, it does not show on your credit report. Which is good for borrowers because it doesn’t affect their credit scores. 

The downside of a soft credit check is that the likelihood of your application being rejected is very possible because of the check conducted on you which will show your bad credit history. 

Advantages of no credit check loans

  • There is no credit check :

This is a haven for people with bad credit history. If a lender makes a check on such a borrower, there is no way the person will get the loan. So lenders who give loans without checking the individuals’ credit history have come to save these bad borrowers from being rejected.

  • Fast processing :

A no credit check loan is a short-term loan and processing such loans are very fast. The borrower gets the money almost immediately he or she applies for so far as he or she meets the basic requirements of the lender.

In other words same day application and same day approval. Fortunately, the likelihood of your application being rejected is very low as compared to the traditional banks and financial institutions.

  • Always a short-term measure :

Short term loans always come in handy. It’s cash that comes to sort out an individual when money gets short during the month. Taking such a short-term loan will mean that an individual is really hard up and needs a quick solution.

It can be used to pay off utility bills, pay for rent or used for household emergencies. Sometimes money for fuel can even be a problem and such loans are just the way to go so as to survive till the end of the month.

  • Usage is not monitored :

Unlike loans like home loans, car loans, mortgage loans etc. no credit check loans have no restrictions attached to them. The borrower is free to use the loan as he or she pleases.

The only thing is to make sure the money is paid. Although this sounds like a luxury loan, it is not considering how much interest is paid on these loans. It is not advisable to go for the loan if the need is not immediate.

Disadvantages of No credit check personal loans guaranteed

  • Very high-interest rates :

The no credit check loans have no collateral associated with them so lenders give the loans at very high interest rates to cushion themselves against possible default in payments. The high interest rate is a way of making their money back as well as for taking the risk of lending to someone with a bad credit history.

  • Financial issues are heightened :

Though this may seem like a quick fix, it most often becomes a burden later. Borrowers of these loans find it extremely difficult to come out of these agreements. The fact is, a borrower ends up paying more so this affects his or her financial budget. So though the loan will fix an immediate problem, it will further plunge you into more debt.

  • Short term relief is all it brings :

If you are looking for a long-term solution with regards to loans then a no credit check loan is not for you. The loan is typically short termed because of the amount given and also the tenure of the loan. Taking short-term loans means your finances will be stretched and more money will be paid.

  • Repayment delays :

Missing repayments is very likely with these loans. The interest rates are so high that the repayment amount is also extremely high and can really dent a borrowers budget. Lenders are very much aware of this and it’s actually the reasons why they are there for borrowers with bad credit history so they can take advantage of them.


Most people who search for no credit check personal loans guaranteed are those with bad credit history and want to find a way to get money. The traditional banks and financial institutions are very careful who they give money to and so always do a credit check on their clients.

So a borrower with bad credit history will not qualify for a loan from the banks and other financial institutions.

Most of these no credit check loans are also short-term loans with high interest rates which are the means by which the lenders are able to make their huge profits. In as much these loans are high in interest rates, borrowers who take these loans are more concerned about how to solve their immediate financial problem.

Disclaimer: All loans offered through this website are subject to credit and underwriting approval. is a lead referral company, not a lender. AfterLoans only works with financial service providers that adhere to Canadian laws and regulations. You can borrow up to $20000. Loans amortization is between 6-36 months. APRs range from 19.99% to 55%. The actual APR charged will depend on the lender’s assessment of your credit profile. For example, on a $1000 loan borrowed for 12 months at 29.9%, the monthly payment will be $97.24; with a total repayment, including interest, of $1166.88 There is also lender’s optional loan protection policy. In the event of a missed payment an insufficient funds fee of around 45$ may be charged (dependent on the lender). If you default on your loan payment plan the lender may terminate the plan and the remaining balance will become payable immediately. Our lenders employ fair debt collection practices, but will pursue the payment of Outstanding debts to the full extent that Canadian law allows.