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Small business loans Canada bad credit

Small business loans Canada bad credit is what a small business owner with bad credit may use to look for loans online. Most people who need loans in Canada are very aware of their personal credit status. Whilst this is true, do you know that business owners in Canada also need a credit score high enough to get small business loans. If you have a low credit score, your bad credit can prevent you from getting a small business loan in Canada. A business credit can affect how successful your company can be. You need a credit line in order to finance your business in an ongoing basis.

Similar to what personal credit scores do, business credit scores as well as reports measure your creditworthiness but they differ in some ways to how personal credit scores operate.

Small business loans Canada bad credit report

The importance of credit reports cannot be laboured for those in need of small business loans in Canada. It may seem that it doesn’t matter but when it is time to go in for a loan, credit reports are important. Some may wonder: who keeps track of these credit reports? Credit reports are normally kept by credit reporting agencies or otherwise also known as credit bureaus.

These credit bureaus monitor the relationship that borrowers have had with lenders with regards to how borrowers have kept to their past lending habits. When it comes to reporting the personal state of an individuals credit, there are three main reporting agencies.

They are TransUnion, Experian and Equifax. These three reporting agencies work independently but they do the same thing and that is to provide lenders with information on how risky it will be to lend to an individual.

Businesses on the other hand are also monitored in their credit activities. However, this is not done by the three credit bureaus previously mentioned but by Dun & Bradstreet. They provide specialized services on company’s credit score and overall how companies can improve on their business credit in order to get small business loans Canada and beyond.

Dun & Bradstreet advises that even in situations where companies have purchase agreements from vendors, the trade credit that is extended to them also can constitute to their business credit. On – time payments made to the supplier can serve as a good financial record of the company. This can be reported to the credit agency and it will be added on to your business score or rating. The bad credit can then have the prospect of changing to good credit.

Small business loans Canada bad credit situation

In the case where the small business in Canada have bad credit, it can affect the search for loans. When a business is cash strapped, its more difficult than when an individual does not have access to funds. This is because it affects production or delivery of goods and services that clients will be waiting on.

“Time means money” as the saying goes, thus businesses with bad credit will make every effort to get the loans they need.

That being said, the small business loans landscape has improved in recent years but the challenges cannot also be overlooked especially for those with bad credit. With a bad credit situation, traditional lenders will in no way lend to you as a small business.

Canadian small businesses that do not have good credit histories were affected by the economic downturn in the past decade. They therefore needed more credit to run their businesses and with a bad credit, a few lenders would want to lend to you.

In spite of this, for small businesses looking for loans in Canada but have bad credit situations, there are other options such as private lenders who will be willing to give out loans to support the operations of the business.

Small business loans Canada bad credit loan options

For small businesses in Canada who have bad credit, there are fortunately other loan options available to get loans for their operations. It doesn’t matter if you have had credit trouble in the past. When banks turn you down, you can rely on the following avenues to get finance for your business.

Business credit cards

Business credit cards can be an excellent solution when you are a small business who needs loans in Canada but with bad credit. With business credit cards, you do not need to have a high credit.

small business loans canada bad credit

What happens is that the card is given to you to make your purchases but your limit will be low with a higher interest rate. The low limit is to prevent you from adding on more higher debt to what you are already trying to manage.

The use of the credit card will allow you to pay for the little expenses of the company and as you pay back on time, you will be gradually building on the credit to make it better.

Merchant cash advance

Merchant cash advances do not require credit check nor a collateral and hence can be a good recommendation for small businesses in Canada who need loans but with bad credit. Businesses can have access to funds very quickly.

With merchant cash advance you get a loan by putting forward the future sales that your customers will make from their credit cards. It also means selling off the future sales that your business will make for an immediate need of cash.

If for example you own a shop and for a particular week you have run out of a product and need to buy it but don’t have the means, a merchant cash advance will be an option to help you buy the product.

To get merchant cash advances, the company will complete an application. The application should show how much is needed and how much the current income of the company is. The lender will then assess if he can give the amount that is being requested.

Once you decide to accept the agreement, you will get the funds needed. What lenders expect is that, you will pack back with interest. The high interest rates make up for the risk of lending to small businesses with bad credit.


Small business in Canada who want loans but with bad credit can choose microloans as an option. These microlenders are mostly found online and are non-profit found in Canada’s major cities. Microloans are given mostly by individuals rather than banks or credit unions. Due to the fact that microloans have a higher rate of default, the interest rates are high. This makes it a great avenue for investors who are willing to fund small businesses.

Microloans can be funded by different lenders with each having a percentage in the total amount contributed.

Lenders who give microloans are very lenient to borrowers who have bad credit. Their main focus is on women and small businesses but their doors are also open to all who wish to apply

Invoice factoring

Factoring refers to the system of funding where businesses converts unpaid invoices into cash by selling the invoices to a factoring company at a discount. This method of financing can be chosen by small businesses in Canada who need loans but have bad credit. The money received mainly helps with the financial obligations that the company has.

The process of getting invoice factoring is simple. You just provide goods and services to your customers as usual, you then submit the invoices you wish to factor, the factoring company will then determine whether the good or service was provided or delivered. You then receive you cash within 24 hours.

In conclusion

Small businesses in Canada looking for loans with bad credit have options for the loans that they need, having a good credit should be a priority for businesses. There should be an aim to improve the credit score of the business.

For small businesses to improve their credit scores some of the checks include being cautious of business credit cards when you have them. They are not a means to luxurious spending. Aim to pay your bills on time before the time is due. When you do this it can attract possible discounts with vendors which would be needed in future if you would need help from them.

Every small business should aim on running on a lean budget for starters. This will streamline the expenses to be made and ensure that the business is run carefully.

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